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Wild Flowers Illustrations 

Year 3 have been inspired by the illustrator Lisa Congdon. So they have taken on the challenge to do similar style illustrations inspired by Lisa Congdon's work.

Here is what year 3 have creatively produced, and have displayed their work on the wall of Frith Manor's corridor.  See below for a further explanation of this work by Year 3 classes below. 

Teachers note: 

On a separate piece of A3 paper, the children drew a vase and decorated it with patterns, first in pencil and then going over their lines in black pen.  The backgrounds were painted in a contrasting colour to their flower prints. This had to be done carefully using horizontal strokes and being careful around the vase. It was left to dry.  Lastly, the printed flowers were cut out and glued above the vase.  Then the stems were drawn on using black pen.  

Year 3 looked at Lisa Congdon's illustrations of flowers and practised their own designs in their sketch books.  Then they copied their design on to a piece of foam sheeting, indenting the lines drawn with a pencil.  Using a roller, they applied the printing ink to the foam sheet and then pressed it down on to a piece of paper, using just their hands to apply pressure before carefully peeling it away. They swapped designs with other kids on their table to enable them to have several different styles of flower for their piece of work. Each table was given a different colour ink.  They printed about six flowers each and left them to dry.