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The School Day

Timings of the school day:

School gates will be open at 8.35am

Frith Manor operates as one school across different timetables. They are broken down as follows;


Timings will depend on your session: am / pm or extended day.  Please read the Nursery section for more information. Talk to any of the Nursery staff if you are still unsure of timings.


Start of day: 8.45am

Lunch: 11.30 – 1.00pm

End of school day: 3.20pm

Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2)

Start of day: A 'soft start' operates from 8.45am

Lunch: 11.55 – 1pm

End of school day: 3.20pm

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 – 6)

Start of day A 'soft start' operates from 8.45am

Lunch: 12.20 – 1.25pm

End of school day: 3.30pm

The children also have break times spread across the day.


We expect children to attend school and to be on time.

The school has a policy of telephoning families on the first day of absence to see why your child is not at school. This policy is in place to keep your child safe. To avoid the need to call you, we ask all parents to ring the school if your child is not well.

Authorisation of special leave will not be given except in exceptional circumstances. We are working hard at Frith Manor to ensure pupil's attendance figures are above the national expectation. Holiday time will not be granted. If your children are off school because they are unwell, please send them back to school as soon as they are well again. Rewards are given out for good attendance.

Repeated unauthorised absences will be followed up by Barnet's Education Welfare Officer.



We expect your child to arrive to school on time. Lateness disrupts the lesson for the other children and has a detrimental effect on your child's learning. It is taken very seriously at Frith Manor.

Rewards are given out to classes with the best punctuality.

Please also collect your child on time. All children who are not picked up on time will be taken to the library so that we can ensure that pupils are collected safely. A record is kept of regular late collections and these will be followed up.