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School Uniform

Dear Parents,

Frith Manor School Uniform

Please find our list below:

You can buy standard uniform in most shops.  If you would like to purchase uniform, please order online from visit Braggs in North Finchley. Our logo will appear on polo shirts, fleeces and jumpers.  

 Our school uniform is as follows: 

Dark grey trousers 

Navy skirt / Navy trousers (Navy pinafore in Reception) 

Dark grey shorts in Summer 

Blue / White check dress in Summer 

Navy ‘v’ neck jumper 

White polo shirt (yellow polo shirt in Reception)

Dark grey / navy socks / navy tights

Black sensible shoes


Children should wear: Black school shoes for school.  Plain black short boots may be worn when the weather is cold.  If we experience snow then suitable footwear is encouraged: snow boots, wellingtons. We ask that children bring school shoes to change into when inside.

Children are not allowed to wear: They should not wear heeled shoes, ‘Ugg’ style boots, Doc Martins boots, knee-high boots, trainers, sandals and crocs.


Children should not be wearing brightly coloured and oversized hair ribbons etc.  They are a distraction in the classroom and during assembly time.

Coats and Bags

'Be bright, be safe, be seen' is a crucial message for children and parents as we move into Autumn. When the clocks go back dark evenings loom for pedestrians and cyclists, who need to make sure they are safe and can be seen by drivers. 

  • Wear brightly coloured coats or fluorescent hi-vis jackets that show up well in and at dusk, bad weather and shorter daylight hours cause poor visibility, so make sure you can be seen
  • Wear reflective gear if out after dark to make sure you can be seen in car headlights
  • Clip-on reflectors, arm bands and stickers on clothes or school bags improve visibility, reflective strips can be bought to stick on bags and clothes.

    With the launch our new uniform we are instilling a pride in our appearance combined with a community feeling of belonging to our school.  It is important that all families see the importance of this and support Frith Manor as we make these changes.  Whilst we encourage all children to express themselves during their time with us at Frith, the school uniform is not to be used as a tool to ‘air’ their creativity.   We have many non-school uniform days where children are allowed to wear clothing, shoe wear, hair accessories of their choice and this is encouraged and supported. 

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