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Online Safety

Advice for Parents 

Parenting children in this digitial age can seem daunting. Below we have listed a range of websites that offer advice for parents and helpful games / information for children:

Child net provide a range of videos and quizzes for children helping them to understand some important online safety information.

They also provide some helpful information for parents / carers:

CEOP are the national organisation for online safety and have a wealth of resources for both children and parents/carers:

CEOP have a partner site for children with games and videos to help them understand online safety: Think you know


Follow these links for:


A guide to snapchat:


And the NSPCC's guide to being share aware 

Share Aware

Other useful information for parents / carers can be found at:

Internet Matters:

Internet Matters (link)



Finally, when you see this image (), the link allows you to report anything you are concerned about:

Children regularly take part in lessons and assemblies about online safety. In February, a representative from Barnet held an assembly for children in Year 1 & 2 and talked to them about staying safe online. She also held a workshop for parents to help support families to stay online.

Here are some pictures from the events as well as the information that was shared with parents. There are helpful live links within the presentation.