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Frith Manor Nursery

Vision and Values
Our aim at Frith Manor Nursery is to help children grow as individuals. We want to help them develop independence and prepare them for their journey of learning. We aim to develop their characteristics of effective learning through developing their interests, teaching them new skills, introducing them to new topics and helping them make good progress. At Frith Manor Nursery, children build the foundations of learning and prepare for the exciting and stimulating road of education that lies ahead of them by developing their confidence and enjoyment of learning.  

We have a bright, spacious and stimulating environment with both a beautiful indoor space and a large outdoor space too. Our environment has a range of focus areas, changing over the year and resourcing reflects the interests of the children and themes that we aim to develop. We maintain an ‘all weather’ policy where there is always the option to play outside, whatever the weather! Wet weather gear and the vision of staff to make learning possible in all circumstances allows us to be flexible and enjoy the world around us.

We have a very friendly and committed staff team, all of whom hold various high levels of qualifications in early years education. Our staff are very engaged, both with pupils and families and set high standards to make sure that all the children in the setting settle well and make good progress.

At Frith Manor, we highly value a strong relationship with the whole family. We encourage parental involvement and engagement. We have various opportunities throughout the year for families to come together and celebrate both the learning of the child but also the important relationship of a family.


Frith Manor nursery is unique for many reasons. The children benefit from being part of a large, vibrant school community and many families stay on to complete their primary education through the school (this is not guaranteed). Nursery pupils are able to access the school facilities and the vast range of activities and opportunities that come by being part of a large school.

Frith Manor is also an incredibly diverse school and we celebrate and embrace that fact. We aim to blend home experience with the children’s learning and activities will reflect different cultures or celebrations.   We draw on parent support and regularly ask parents or visitors to help the children understand the practices or celebrations of cultures different to their own. The children truly receive a diverse, vibrant and expansive cultural experience.




To apply for a Nursery place, please complete this form below. Please either return the form to the school office or email it directly to: for the attention of
Mrs Boussadi.


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