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Going Green for Our Kids

Welcome to the JTA Page. JTA stands for Junior Travel Ambassadors. Our goal is to encourage people to be aware of the world around us and on this site we will outline our future goals and share what we have already done.

Our aim is to sustain our planet starting with our school. We call it ‘Going Green for our Kids’.

One way we are trying to do this is by promoting cycling or walking to school. We had a bike and scooter shelter named Shaun the Shed built to help people cycle or scoot.

On this page we already have plenty of photos of things we have achieved for example:

  • Bikeability training (staying safe when cycling on the roads)

  • Biker’s breakfast

  • Launch of our bike shelter

  • Leafleting local houses to inform them of what the school is doing to encourage considerate driving and parking about their homes

Over the year we will be hosting different events to help people think of different ways to help our planet, starting with our school. This webpage will keep you informed of our future events and different ways to keep our environment healthy.

You can always come and find one of us if you have any ideas to share or questions to ask.