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Building Learning Power

At Frith Manor, we are proud to be a Building Learning Power School. Our world is an ever changing world, with jobs that have not been yet created for our young children. Therefore, more than ever as practitioners, we need to nurture and cultivate good habits and attitudes to learning, which will enable our pupils to face challenges and difficulties, with confidence,  and learning dispositions, which we call muscles that have to be 'stretched and practised'. Learning muscles and the key vocabulary is taught from Nursery to Year 6 and are developed in every day lessons, making it part of our ethos of ' learning how to be a good learner'.

Did you know that Guy Claxton, the founder of Building Learning Power was a pupil at Frith Manor? We have been fortunate in his recent visit to our school in 2015.  There are Four Main Super muscles: Resilience- Tough Tortoise, Resourcefulness- Super Spider, Reflectiveness-Smart Squirrel and Reciprocity- team ants. Within these main muscles there are smaller muscles, making a total of 17 learning dispositions.   

The following image highlights these further, and the children are taught this explicit language in order to develop the skills of an effective learner.  Frith Manor is a BLP School.  We all use the language as outlined below to develop pupils' learning minds.

At Frith Manor we have a Building Power Working party, where teachers help to shape the best suited muscles for the curriculum and time of year, slowly embedding key attitudes and approaches to new challenging task.

Building Learning Power is about:

  • Helping young people become better learners
  • Developing their portable learning power
  • Preparing young people for a lifetime of learning
  • Click on this link to take you to the home of BLP

    Ask you child about being a:

    'Smart Squirrel', 'Tough Tortoise', 'Super Spider' and 'Team Ant'

    Who says what?  See if you can pair up the animal with the learning disposition.

    "If you try, try, try - you can, can, can!"

    "Think and Link."

    "Together we are better."

    "Ready, willing and raring to go!"

     Our Nursery classes through to Year 6 use the language of planning, resilience, making links and collaboration.   It works, it really does.