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The Big Draw - Coming Soon!

 What is the Big Draw ?

The Big Draw is a national event that takes place in October organised by the 'Campaign for Drawing'. Events take place in schools, museums and art galleries across the UK.

The theme set this year is PLAY

The event is called The Big 'DRAW' but art worked produced by the children does not have to be a drawing. For example, it could be weaving, claywork, abstract, printmaking, sewing, paper sculptures can also be drawing too of course!

How will Frith Manor take part in the Big Draw ?

The Big Draw will take place at FM during 15th - 18th October. Classes will plan (ideally) two full sessions that week, but can extend the learning beyond this or start earlier if they wish to make cross curricular links to topics or lines of enquiry. Plenty of scope to link to Science through materials and Maths of course! EYFS will hold parental engagement events for their Big Draw.


  • Possible materials to explore
Paint, Paper, Pen, Wax, Clay, Textiles, Wool, Pastels, Stones, Mod Roc, Charcoal, Cardboard, Newspaper, Chalk, 
Junk Modelling, Metal, Wood, Straws, Foil, Bubblegum, Natural/Found Materials (it's endless)