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Fantastically Fit Frith!

Our new academic year has got off to a healthy start with all classes participating in lots of sports. All for Sport are a long established sports coaching company and they are working with all our KS1 and KS2 pupils this term. They are delivering high quality PE lessons, getting the children fit and active, as well as coaching the staff in how to deliver high quality PE lessons at the same time. Feedback from both staff and pupils has been great!

We are also working with Foundation Sports who were with us last year. The Foundation Sports coaches are delivering and facilitating games and sports during some of our lunchtimes to keep our pupils busy, active and healthy! They are also delivering early morning netball coaching for pupils in Year 5 & 6. Contact the office to find out how to get involved!    


As we start the new academic year, what can you do as a family to stay healthy this year? We encourage you to take a look at your routines and activities this September and work out if there is a way of making sure your whole family stay healthy this year.

Perhaps there is opportunity to walk to school rather than drive (even if it was only one or two days).

Maybe the after school snack could be some fresh fruit instead of a sugary snack? 

Making sure everyone is drinking lots of water is very important in keeping everyone healthy, as is getting enough sleep. 

Perhaps the start of term is a great time to chat as a family about one change that you can all make to make 2018-2019 academic year the healthiest yet!