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Autumn 2 -Absorption.

Here is some information to help your child understand Aborption;

When you are using this learning muscle, you...

- become engrossed in what you are doing

- may  not be aware of the passing of time

- find being absorbed satisfying and rewarding

- like the feeling of being stretched in your learning.


Language to encourage absorption:

- You look as though you're really enjoying puzzling over that.

- I wonder if you do anything differently when you're really engaged in what you're doing?

- What do you really like doing? What makes you able to get so aborbed into it?

- What did it feel like last time you got really into something?

- What do you think might have made you feel like this?

- What do you think might help you feel like that again?

- What do you like about... Waht would make you the same sort of way?

- What can you find out about....that would help you enjoy?

- It feels good when you get right into an activity.