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Chiltern open air museum trip

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Chiltern Open Air Museum

First we left to get on the coach and went to the Chiltern Open Air Museum. Then we got to have free time and I was amazed at what I saw. After we went to eat lunch very early, I was starving! After that we went to the Iron Age hut and I smelt a lot of smoke. I felt like I had to go near the door. We also made flour, bread and butter. The butter was so squidgy my hands smelt of butter! We made flour by grinding Emma Weeds into flour then we made bread by using the flour we made. We added some different flour, then some water and mixed it with our hands and I think it was nice.

After that we went to a Black Smith and I thought the sound effect was a phone ringing. After that we went to a Stone Age Hut. My favourite thing was to make black paint because you could feel the soft animal fat and also charcoal. On my first go at making fire it didn’t go well but then I got a cotton bud and I made a really big fire. Then we went on the coach and went home.

By Amiya, 3K