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week beginning 15th may 2017

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This week in Year 2


This week children have been developing their skills at presenting their writing to be read by an audience.  Using careful layouts and attentive spelling techniques, they are ensuring that their written work is suitable for others.


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This week we have been consolidating our knowledge of place value and how to partition numbers in different ways, e.g. 34 is 30 + 4, 20 + 14 and 10 + 24.  As you walk home, try and do this with different house numbers you see. 

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We have learned about the different techniques plants use to disperse their seeds (some of them stranger than others.)  Look around your local area, garden and fruit bowl at different plants and trees.  Can you work out how they are dispersing?

Other notes

A big thank you to all who have endeavoured to ensure their children are on time this week, and thank you in advance for doing the same next week.  All pupils have worked incredibly hard and shown great maturity.  You should be very proud. 

Thank you,

Year 2 team