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week beginning 1st may 2017

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This week in Year 2


This week we have been writing instructions using temporal connectives (later, next, after that) and imperative (bossy) verbs.  We have specifically been focusing on how to play a game of Hopscotch.  Next week we will be creating instructions for our own playground game.  Could you practice writing instructions for a favourite game or activity?


This week we have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.  We have done this by splitting numbers into 10s and 1s. 
Can you work out 24 + 32?

This week we have been planting seeds and bulbs in different conditions.  Have a go at planting your own seed or bean in an unusual condition e.g. a jar with wet cotton wool.  Keep track of the changes and don’t forget to make predictions.

Other notes

It is essential that all children are in attendance throughout May so that your child does not miss SATs or SATs practice.

Thank you,

Year 2 team