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Week beginning 17th april 2017

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This week in Year 2

Image result for beeguEnglish

This week in English we have been using expanded noun phrases to describe how Beegu feels and why, using the word ‘because.’  Can you do the same to describe how characters in your reading book feel and explain why? 

Image result for blank clockMaths

This week we have been reading the time at o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.  Look at the time when the minute hand is on one of these.  What time will it be in half an hour?

Image result for clip art plantTopic
This week we have been learning about plants how they grow. Help your parents to water the plants in your house and talk about what plants need to grow.

Other notes

We hope you had a lovely break. Just a reminder that we are still collecting resources for our topic (gardens and playgrounds). Any donations would be welcomed. Thank you for your support.


Thank you,

Year 2 team