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week Beginning 6th march

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This week in Year 2

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This week in English we have been learning about commands – sentence that tell us to do something, and doesn’t give us a choice.  They start with an imperative verb, such as in the sentence “tidy your room.”  Have a go at KID RULES – your child gets to be bossy (within reason) during dinner, giving out commands.

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This week we have been learning about fractions of a set and comparing fractions. At home use available resources to work out half, quarters and thirds of a quantity or object e.g. half of 16 grapes, one quarter of 12 marbles or one third of 15 building blocks.

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This week we have been learning about the world’s continents and oceans.  At home talk about family members or friends who live on a different continent. Would your child like to visit them? What is the weather/ wildlife like there?

Other notes

Thanks to all who managed to get the trip slips and payments in on time.  We are now confirming our booking and look forward to the visit on Thursday 23rd March. 


Thank you, Year 2 team