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Autumn Half Term 1

Dear all,


The first Autumn half term is drawing to a close, and we in the Year 2 team are feeling incredibly proud of the cohort.  The jump from Year 1 to 2 is certainly not a small one, and the pupils of 2P, 2R and 2N have really hit the ground running, showing fantastic resilience and adaptability.



In Maths we have been deepening our understanding of adding, subtracting and place value.  We have learned about the difference between tens and ones, and become very efficient in representing this with objects, pictures and numerals.  For adding and subtracting, the bar model has been a very effective way of representing addition and subtraction.  See if your child can show you 3 + 2 as a bar model!


In English we have explored ways of making our writing more interesting, engaging and descriptive.  We are growing increasingly comfortable identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives, and editing our work to include these words.  Exaggeration is a tricky one to explain, but we are using it in our work to persuade and convince - let's see if Willy Wonka responds to the persuasive letters we have been sending him!


Speaking of chocolate - the "World of Chocolate" topic has been an absolute hit with all; staff and pupils!  We have discovered where chocolate comes from, how it is made, and even designed our own chocolate bars with appropriate packaging!  We looked into the role that chocolate plate in ancient Mayan culture and why Fair Trade chocolate is important today.  A very sweet topic indeed!

Outside of regular curricula activies, we have been keeping the classroom lively with our singing voices in preparation for the Infant Music Festival, in which the children sang 4 songs including "September 1666."  We created Benin Bronze masks to engage with Black History Month and created some gorgeous charcoal autumn leaf drawings for the Big Draw event.


We look forward to seeing each other back after the half term break, which will commence with a bang!  No spoilers here, but the 'Winter Wonderland' topic will be a lively one.

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