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week beginning 12th june 2017

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Image result for post box clipartThis week in Year 2


This week in English we have been improving our poetic writing skills by using personification and metaphors.  We used metaphors to describe objects you can find around the city – a postbox might be “a stout red soldier, guarding the letters within.”  Pick an object on your way home and think up some metaphors.   


Image result for satsumaThis week in maths we have been revisiting division but this time, using remainders!  Life isn’t always exact, so it is important to know what to do when you are dividing objects by any number.  Have a go at opening up a few tangerines and sharing them into 3s or 4s.  Is it perfect?  What are your remainders?

Image result for hard tackTopic
This week in Topic we have put our knowledge of floating and buoyancy to the test by building miniature ships out of different materials (thanks for the donations.)  We then learned about the sorts of food pirates might eat at sea – ‘Hard Tack’ is about as good as it sounds; rock solid biscuits without much flavour.  They needed food that could last long journeys – which foods in your house could survive a few months at sea?


Other notes

Thanks again for all of the contributions towards the children’s boats this week.  It isn’t long until the school trip to Canvey Island, so it is very important that you get your permission letters and donations in as soon as possible. 

In the hot weather, do make sure your children have suncream, hats and bottled water to drink at school. 

Thank you,

Year 2 team