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week beginning 22nd may 2017

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Year 1 Blog – Week Beginning 22.5.17

This week we have been learning how to count in multiples of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and applying this to solve repeated addition number problems. E.g. 2+2+2+2 =

We have been using the words ‘groups of’ to talk about groups of numbers.  For example “3 groups of 2 equals 6” which is how children begin to develop their understanding of multiplication.

In English 1M have been developing and revising their fantastic quest stories.  1MC have written an informative booklet about Emperor Penguins, and 1P have been focusing on the book ‘Where the forest meets the Sea’ and have written wonderful descriptions of their journey through the rainforest.

Please spend some time over half term practicing the phonics that were sent home this week by the Year 1 team.

Have a lovely half term

The Year 1 Team