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Image result for pens and pencilsThis week in Year 2


This week children have reviewed some spelling and grammar skills such as contractions (don’t, can’t) so we are able to use them confidently in our writing. We performed a ‘Contractions Surgery’ where we removed the parts of words that we don’t want to make the contracted form e.g. did not/didn’t. Have a practice at home. You could even use real plasters to show where the apostrophe could go once you’ve removed the unwanted letters. Can you now put these words in a sentence?


Image result for bar model ks1

This week we have been looking at the commutative law in maths. We have been using the bar model to understand that we can swap the numbers around when we add but we always begin with the larger number when subtracting. (E.G. 34 + 12 = 46 / 12 + 34 = 46  or 30 – 10 = 20 but you can’t do 10 – 30 = ) See if you can create your own bar model at home using materials around the house.

Image result for ariel view garden

This week we have been planning our own gardens using an ariel view layout and making a group miniature garden out of both natural and manmade materials. At home, you could research your own homes and gardens on google maps to see how they look from an ariel view perspective. Could you draw them? Could you make a miniature version of this is in a seed tray? Great fun in the sunny weather.

Other notes

A big thank you to all who have endeavoured to ensure their children were on time over the last two weeks.  We hope you all have a lovely half term break.

Thank you,

Year 2 team

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