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week beginning 8th may

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This week in maths, Year 1 we have been adding and subtracting one digit and two digit numbers. For example 7 + 45 = ? or 21 – 5 = ?

We have used links, teddies and cubes to help us to solve problems. Number lines have also been very useful. We have also been encouraging the children to put the biggest number in their head and count on, or count back, by the smaller number.

At home, you could encourage children to continue this style of counting. Choose two numbers as you are walking down the street e.g. bus number 45 and door number 6. Now count on 6 from 45, or take 6 away from 45.


In English, 1P have been writing about the Emperor penguins, this included the lifecycle, appearance, where they are found and what they look like. Ask your child if they can tell about the lifecycle of the Emperor penguin. Encourage then to use the language of ‘first, next and then’.

1M have been exploring the rainforest and learning all about the animals that live there. Did you know that more than 2,000 different species of butterflies are found in the rainforests of South America?

1MC have been planning and writing their own quest stories based on ‘How to Find Gold’. Ask your child what they were searching for in their version.

All of these texts have been focusing on encouraging the children to write in a non-fiction style. This might include using sub headings or a title, or writing in a style the uses fact rather than ‘story telling’. At home, perhaps children could have a go at writing their own non-fiction text. For example: ‘Facts about my cat’, ‘The country we visited on holiday’ or  ‘When my grandma comes to my house…’