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Week beginning 20th march

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This week in Year 1 we have been looking at rhyming words. The children have examined lots of different poems and they have used this knowledge to help them to write a selection of poems.

In Year 1, we are Team Ants! We help one another and we work as a team. Here is a poem that one group created together:

Oscar was swimming in the sparkly sea.

Laith was running next to a monkey.

Hitoshi was mixing up a cake.

Kaeya was flying over a magical lake.

Sienna was dancing by the trees.

Mustafa was singing in the breeze.


In Maths we have been learning all about time. We began with telling the time, focusing on o’clock and half past times. We then discussed what happens at different times of the day; morning, afternoon, evening and night. The children were encouraged to use sequential language, e.g. first, before, after, then, etc.

The children produced some amazing art work this week based on the Galapagos animals we learned about last week. Look at all of these beautiful prints! (Above)