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This term in Reception we have been finding out about growing and changing.  As part of this learning, the children have been watching how caterpillars develop.

All three classes have been lucky enough to have caterpillars to observe. The children were able to see them when they were tiny and watch them grow.

They have learnt how we take care of living things, understanding that we need to be gentle and careful when looking at the caterpillars.

They have been encouraged to look at non-fiction books to find out information about the life cycle of a butterfly and have asked lots of questions.

The children have engaged in lots of literacy experiences, including caterpillar books, retelling 'The Hungry Caerpillar' by Eric Carle and recording facts they have learnt.

They used fruit eaten by the Hungry Caterpillar to calculate and make number sentences.

They have designed and made their own caterpillar homes from junk and boxes.

The caterpillars are now chrysalises and we are looking forward to seeing them emerge as butterflies.