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The Gingerbread Man

This term in Reception we have been learning about different fairytales and stories. Over the past few weeks we have been looking at 'The Gingerbread Man.'

The children in Reception have been involved in a variety of activities.  The children have enjoyed story telling and acting out the story.

They have enjoyed using Junk Modelling to make their own characters from the story, as well as boats to help the Gingerbread man cross the river.

They have designed and created their own gingerbread man through creative play such as making puppets as well as dough.

They have followed a recipe to bake their own gingerbread men as well as tasting them and using different describing words to talk about them.

They have engaged in a lot of writing about the gingerbread man, including creating thier own story maps, writing their own stories, wanted posters and writing about what they different characters might be thinking.

They have used the gingerbread man in maths to work out more and less and create their own number sentences.

They also enjoyed making a big 3d fox and going on a gingerbread man hunt outside.