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Take one Picture

The Reception children have all thouraghly enjoyed take on picture week. When looking at the picture of 'Penelope and the Suitors,' Rectangle Class took an interest in the castle, Triangle Class took an interest in Pirates and Circle Class took an interest in under the sea.

Rectangle class created a large castle in the gym using junk modelling, once it was built they painted it and then enjoyed role play using the castle, becomign Kings, Queens, Knights and Servants.

They also created a castle outside in the willow and bvecame engaged in more role play where they had to defend their castle.


Triangle Class enjoyed creating a large treasure chest, which they made using paper mache, then painting and decorating it. The children also made all of the treasure to go inside the large chest including crowns, beaded necklaces, jewels and coins.

The children all got to make their own treasure boxes, which they decorated, then took home and later in the week brought them back in to share 'what was special to them.'

The children engaged in small world play, role play, making treasure maps, writing messages in a bottle and writign about thier own treasure.


Circle class created a large mermaids tail using mod roc. The children enjoyed painting and decorating the tail.

The children all made their own treaure boxes and took them home to put inside their treasure.

The children enjoyed using story telling props, listening to the soundscape and writing letters to Penelope.

What a great week we all had!