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The elf

The children in Reception have been having a lot of fun with the elf this December who has come to visit us from the north pole. 

Our Elves have been quite cheeky this year playing with our toys overnight getting trapped, making a lot of mess and wrapping our whiteboards up.

We have been on rescue missions to save our elf without touching him, writing letters to the our elves to teach them the golden rules, we have been using junk modelling to make transport to help the elf get back to the north pole, making traps to catch him and we have been going on elf hunts. 

Each day we have been preparing for Xmas by counting down the days with your advent calendar. We have been playing in our Christmas cafe by cooking up a treat, writing menus and taking orders. Writing letters and lists to Santa and posting them at our post office and helping to wrap presents in santa's workshop.