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Science Week Explosion

This week the children in Reception have enjoyed exploring a wide range of different mixtures and potions in our Role Play Potion Shop.

When we got to school on Thursday we found our potion shop had turned into a big mess. The police arrived to take statements from the children, the forensic scientist arrived to take samples of the mess to test and explore what may have happened. We also had a newspaper reporter come to hear our story about the events. We then spent the entire day investigating, exploring, coming up with ideas and theories, collecting evidence, taking our fingerprints and writing down our conclusions. At the end of the day we got our reports back to find out that the explosion had infact happened due to a rise in temperature and this caused the chemicals in the potion to expand and ooze out of the loose lids, mix together and explode!!! (See reports attached!!)
The next day we investigated who was responsible for loosening the lids and all had different ideas!

The children had such a great experience exploring and investigating in Science Week!!