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Frith Manor School

PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

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Frith Manor PTA

The Frith Manor Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an association of parents and teachers set up with the purpose of:

  • raising funds to support learning opportunities for the children
  • building a sense of community among parents, their children and the school

Our fundraising events, social events and regular newsletters all serve to provide closer links between home and school. The events provide a great way for staff, parents and communities to all come together with a common goal of improving  the children's learning experiences.

All families automatically become members of the Frith Manor PTA when a child joins our school. 

All parents and staff are encouraged to get involved, in whatever small way they can.

The PTA is registered charity.

The PTA is run by a committee of volunteers.

PTA Committee

The PTA committee consists of:

   Co-chairs - Jonny Simmons & TBC 
   Vice Chair - TBC
   Treasurer - Mia Simmons
   Secretary - TBC
   Core Committee Members - TBC

 The main duties of the PTA which are:

  • Holding meetings
  • Running fundraising events
  • Distributing our newsletter
  • Monitoring stock
  • Keeping accounts
  • Approving bids from the school for funding of specific projects.

The Committee meet on a regular basis, usually once or twice per term, with smaller working groups meeting as necessary when we are planning particular events.

Beyond the Committee, we also have a brilliant team of event volunteers, and separate teams for running our Summer Fair Raffle and producing our Summer Fair Advertisement Brochure.

Traditional Events

Traditional events organised by the PTA each year are:

  • Fireworks Show
  • Winter Fair
  • Easter Discos
  • Summer Fair
  • International Food Festival

There are also several smaller events, such as cake sales, that all need planning, effort and support to put on and ultimately to raise money for the school.

 Contacting the PTA

 To contact the PTA please email: 

How the PTA has Helped

The PTA helps build the Frith Manor school community as well as raising funds to support the school.

The money raised by the PTA does make a difference. It is used to enhance facilities and services at the school and advance the education of our children.

In recent years the PTA helped to fund approximately £25,000 worth of bids from the school! These include:                                              

  • New Laptops £12,000
  • Part Funding For A Librarian £6,000
  • Cinema Trip £561
  • Winter Pantomime £1,100
  • Fish Tank Upkeep £900
  • Emergency Radiators £477
  • Stationary £1,200
  • Reception Hatchlings £300
  • Art-textiles £500
  • New White-Boards & Reading Books £3,400
  • Maths resources £4,500

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