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Online Safety

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Advice for Parents 

Parenting children in the digital age can seem daunting.

On 18th April 2023, Perryn Jasper from Barnet's Safer Community team visited and spoke to Y5 and Y6 about online safety with a particular focus on processing information, critical thinking, manipulation, technology, fake news, propaganda and conspiracy theories.

Perryn delivered a virtual parents' session in the evening to parents. He spoke about gaming, social media platforms, exploitation and grooming, including discussing how to have an open dialogue with your children about their experiences, appropriate sleep patterns, how to identify threats and safer use of apps.

You can find the presentation below: 

child online safety for parents january 2023.pdf


Below we have listed a range of websites that offer advice for parents and helpful games/information for children:

Child Net

 Child net provide a range of videos and quizzes for children helping them to understand some important online safety information.

Childnet - Videos and Quizzes

They also provide some helpful information for parents / carers:

Childnet- Information for Parents and Carers


CEOP are the national organisation for online safety and have a wealth of resources for both children and parents/carers:


When you see this image:




the link attached to it allows you to report anything you are concerned about to

Think You Know

CEOP have a partner site for children with games and videos to help them understand online safety: Think you know

Think U Know

NSPCC Share Aware 

The NSPCC website on Online Safety is here: