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Frith Manor School



Here at Frith Manor, we are passionate about music. We have a flourishing music department run by Mrs Ruth Cohen.

Weekly music activities include our school orchestra, choir, singing assemblies for key stages one and two, a drumming group and whole class violin tuition offered to year 4.

Our choir and orchestra take part in Music Festivals, and have won prizes and awards at a national level.

Currently, more than 80 students from year 2 upwards have individual or small group instrumental lessons at school. We have several visiting music teachers and offer lessons in:

  • Piano
  • Violin and Viola
  • Percussion/Drums
  • Cello
  • Guitar
  • Woodwind instruments – recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone
  • Brass instruments – trumpet, trombone and tenor horn.

If you have any questions about our music provision, please contact Ruth Cohen at

Frith Manor Soloists' Concert on Friday 19th May

Last Friday 19th May Frith Manor presented a soloists' concert. Many of our talented musicians were brave enough to perform a solo in front of the whole of Key Stage 2. The confidence with which out students performed was impressive. We were treated to a wide range of music and listened to many different instruments. We have quite a number of virtuosos in our midst.

Saki in year 5, opened our concert confidently with a movement from a Mozart piano sonata.

This was followed by Emily in year 6 playing "Winter" by Vivaldi on the violin, Sabina in year 4 played Ode to Joy on the clarinet after only one term of lessons.

Despina in year 6 gave a gentle rendition of a Schumann Romance on the violin, followed by Mia in year 5's lively Sneaky Business on the piano.

Shreya in year 6 got together with Lucas who accompanied her, to play a beautiful clarinet solo after only two terms of lessons.

Kazumi and Laurence in year 5 played joyful violin pieces, with Zara in year 6 presenting a piece by Handel, and Diana playing Le Morisqe a baroque dance on the recorder accompanied by drum and piano.

Milo in year 6 played the lively Allegro by Cimmarosa and Nathaniel in year 6 showed us how haunting and effective the tin whistle can be in his own version of The Ring Goes South (nicknamed by us the "Lord of the Tins.")

Victoria in year 3 played Somewhere Over the Rainbow so beautifully and Oliver in year 5 showed us Chanson on the alto saxophone.

Lucas in year 6 then wowed us with a Rondo by Dussek on the piano, followed by some flashy playing by Amy in year 5 on the violin with Air Varie by Dancla.

We had Jazz clarinet from Michael in year 6 with Hackensack by Thelonius Monk and an impressive finale with our prizewinning Elizabeth in year 5 playing Clair de Lune by Debussy.

It was a wonderful afternoon. Congratulations and thank you to our fantastic musicians.

Pupil Elizabeth's Winning Weekend

Year 5 pupil and talented pianist Elizabeth went to Ealing Festival on Saturday and Mill Hill Festival on Sunday where she won 1st prizes for the three classes she entered for:

  • Mozart solo aged 18 and under; 
  • Bach or other Baroque Solo aged 12 and under; and
  • Grade 8 performance.

The links below show Elizabeth's performances from her busy weekend.

Elizabeth's family said, "It was indeed a super busy weekend for Elizabeth, but she was so glad that she did it all."

Pupil Piano Medley - Spring 2022