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Frith Manor School

International School Microsite

Frith Manor fosters an international dimension in its curriculum offering.  We develop a global understanding within our community in many ways.

In our front entrance we have a display board which celebrates our diverse community. This display is changed regularly with involvement from children and parents to reflect our multi-cultural nature. 

Summer fair always has an international flavour

International  food events. 

International Day where parents came into school to share their culture with the children. Sushi making workshop. African drumming workshop Iranian Santur demonstration.  The day culminated in a show where we were treated to traditional dances, songs and music by children, parents and representatives from local communities. 

Carnival as part of our celebrations for Black History Month.

We have a link with a school in France.  Last year we exchanged a package of Easter cards and greetings and also an exchange of information about our respective schools.  We took part in two joint virtual lessons with year 6 classes and in the near future,  post-covid, would like to do a face to face visit.  The partnership is only in its infancy but we hope that it will lead to further collaborative work between the schools, more joint virtual lessons and possibly visits.

International School Activities

An Introduction to Frith Manor 2022/23 For Our French Partner School

Language Ambassadors at Frith Manor created a video to show our school to our French partner school.  The ambassadors scripted, filmed and edited the film you see below.


International Christmas Competition 2022

Children were invited to create a document that explained how the festive period in December is celebrated in cultures important to them.  The gallery below shows many of the wonderful entries made.  Children were rewarded with certificates and books for their endeavours.

International Christmas 2022