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Frith Manor School


Governing Body Members

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On this page you can find details of the current members of the Governing Body.

Gallery of Governing Body Members

  • Stuart Lester
    Chair of Governors
  • Stuart Abrahams
    Vice Chair of Governors and Chair of Finance and Premises Committee
  • Kate Elliott
  • Parita Khimasia
    Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Donna McKoy
  • Naomi Phillips
  • Wendy Wayland
  • Sarah Tolia
  • Stuart Leigh

 Governing Body Members, Roles and Attendance

 2023-24 attendees

frith manor primary school attendees 2023 2024.pdf

2022-23 attendees

frith manor primary school attendees 2022 2023.pdf

governing body roles and attendance february 2023.pdf

Governing Body Members Declarations of Interest

governing body members declarations of interest february 2023.pdf

 Leavers from the Governing Body (in the last 12 months)

  • Anna Bolt December 2022
  • Rafael Steinmetz Leffa  September 2022
  • Nicola Curtis September 2022