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Frith Manor School

Year 3

Year Group Curriculum Outline || Year Group Homework || Year Group Timetable || Year Group Blog

Year Group Curriculum Outline

Here we provide details of the curriculum for the Year Group. 

Read our Year 3 Curriculum Overview for 2023-24

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Welcome to Year 3 Meeting Presentation


curriculum evening 23 24 pptx.pdf


Year Group Homework

Here we provide details of the homework routine for the Year Group.

Homework is sent out on Wednesday and to be returned Monday.

  • Spelling (linked to lesson) 


  • Maths - Times Table Rock Stars and Mathletics activities

Times Table Rock Stars


  • Half termly grid of activities - available on Google Classroom
  • Accelerated Reader - to complete reading quizzes

Accelerated Reader

Reading Diaries handed out on Wednesday and returned on Monday.

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Year Group Timetable 

The usual timetable of events in the Year Group 

Day Mint Olive

Homework due

Reading book return

Homework due

Reading book return

Tuesday PE Mint Class PE Olive Class

Homework Set

Reading book sent home

Homework Set

Reading book sent home

Thursday Swimming - Autumn Term Swimming - Autumn Term




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