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Frith Manor School

Curriculum Resources

On this page, you can find resources to support children's learning.

Early Reading - Little Wandle Phonics & Big Cat eBook Reader

Parent Guide to Early Reading at Frith Manor - Reception

Parent Guide to Early Reading at Frith Manor - Year 1 and Year 2

Little Wandle is the phonics programme we use to develop our children's reading.  The Little Wandle Website for Parents 

has lots of resources to help you support your child's development of reading.  It is worth looking at this site so that the way you support reading at home aligns with the way we teach all children at children:

Collins Big Cat eBook Reader.  We will allocate children who are in the earlier stages of reading (all children up Year 2, and selected children in year 3 and above) books to read on the eBook reader.  This eReader can be accessed via a browsers on a desktop or laptop PC, or via an app in tablets or mobile phones.  The larger the screen on the device being used the better.

You can access the eBook Reader on a browser by search for Collins eBook or with this link:  


You can download the Collins eBook Reader from the Google Play store or Apple App store.

You will need your child's login details for the app which are sent home by the class teacher and available again if necessary by asking.



Accelerated Reader

Frith Manor use the Accelerated Reader system as a way to improve children's engagement with reading through opportunities to win points by demonstrating their comprehension of a text and to have an automatic record of how many words they have read.

Accelerated Reader is used in KS2.

Accelerated Reader

Parent/carer's guide to Accelerated Reader

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At school we teach handwriting following the scheme designd by Teach Children Ltd.  A page of advice for parents and carers to use at home is available here:

Handwriting resources for home


At school we teach spelling using the No Nonsense Spelling Scheme from Year 2 upwards which builds on our phonics scheme, Little Wandle.

Here are some resouces we use in school to allow children to develop their independce in spelling.

Year 2 Dictionary with GPC Chart This mini-dictionary is designed to be printed double sided. It contains common exception words and commonly misspelled words for children to look up as they are writing.  At the back there is a copy of the GC chart that children learn about as they are taught phonics - this chart supports children in "having a go" at spelling words by showing the various ways in which sounds (phoneses) are written down as graphemes (one ore letters) in the English language.


Frith Manor use the Mathletics online system to provide maths homework carefully aligned with the work children are doing in school,  The system will give children feedback and support on the work they are doing.

Mathletics is used from Year 2 upwards.


Children earn certificates for the points they earn through completing their homework activity tasks and through playing the fun Live Mathletics games.  

  • Bronze certificates = awarded for earning 1000 points or more within one week.
  • Silver certificates = awarded for 5 weeks of scoring more than 1000 points (5 bronze certificates)
  • Gold Certificate = awarded for 20 weeks of scoring more than 100o points within one week (4 silver certificates) You’ll need to show commitment and developing ability to earn this much-coveted award.

Certificates will be awarded to children in celebration assemblies through the year.

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Times Tables Rock Stars

Frith Manor use the Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) system to provide an entertaining and motivating way for children to learn their times table facts accurately and fluently.

TTRS is used in KS2.

Times Tables Rock Stars website  

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