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Accelerated Reader, Mathletics and TTRS 

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Accelerated Reader


Times Tables Rock Stars


Here you can find the latest achievements in: 

  • Mathletics (Year 2 to 6)
  • Times Tables Rock Stars (Years 3 to 6)
  • Accelerated Reader (Years 3 to 6)

Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on how to earn certificates and rewards.

Note: The next achievement assembly (the final one of the school year) will be in the week beginning the 17th July.

Latest achievements - 26th June


ks2 achievement assembly sum2 wk4 26 6 23.pdf


Past achievements - 31st March 2023

ks2 achievement assembly spr2 31 3 23.pdf

Past achievements - 27th February 2023

ks2 achievement assembly spr2 27 2 23.pdf


Past achievements - 30th January 2023

ks2 achievement assembly spr1 30 1 23.pdf


Past achievements - 16th December 2022

ks2 achievement assembly 16 12 22.pdf


Past achievements - 14th November 2022

ks2 achievement assembly aut2 14 11 22.pdf



Past achievements - 3rd October 2022

ks2 achievement assembly aut1 3 10 22.pdf



You can earn certificates for the points you earn through completing your homework activity tasks and through playing the fun Live Mathletics games.  

  • Bronze certificates = awarded for earning 1000 points or more within one week.
  • Silver certificates = awarded for 5 weeks of scoring more than 1000 points (5 bronze certificates)
  • Gold Certificate = awarded for 20 weeks of scoring more than 100o points within one week (4 silver certificates) You’ll need to show commitment and developing ability to earn this much-coveted award.

Certificates will be awarded in celebration assemblies through the year.

 Accelerated Reader

Reading Millionaire

Can you read over a million words in a year? For each quiz you take and pass, the total word count for the book will be totaled up and recorded towards you becoming a Reading Millionaire. You will earn a certificate for 250,000 words read, half a million words read and for becoming a Reading Millionaire. 

Reading Masters - 85%+ average in quizzes

Our termly Reading Ninjas are children who have achieved an average of 85% for their quizzes. Choosing the right book is very important to ensure that you will understand what you are reading whilst still getting just the right amount of challenge to help your reading improve. A 'goldilocks book' is not too hard, not too easy but just right