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school's out for the summer!

Farewell Year 6!

When the school gates opened on the first day back in September, when fresh books were ready to write in and new uniforms were still slightly too big, it seemed like the academic year would last forever. Yet, here we are, at the end of another academic year, books filled, uniforms needing to last 'just a few more days', heads full of knowledge and hearts full of memories.

It it with sadness and fondness that we say goodbye to our Year 6's. They have had a busy few months with SATs, School Journey, their play and end of term activities. From tiny seeds do mighty oaks grow and we wish every one of them the very best for the future as they head off to their new schools in September. We hope that you take many happy memories and good friendships with you.

We also say a fond farewell to several members of staff who are leaving for  pastures new. Whether leaving the area, or heading down a different career path - we wish you all the best. Do come back and visit us!

From everyone at Frith Manor, we wish you all a very happy holiday. Thank you for your support this year. Term starts again on Monday 4th Sepember 2017.